What Is The Contribution Of Chemistry In Our Society?


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There are so many things that are helped by chemistry in our society, and without it, our lives would truly be changed. In a lot of the the things we do on a daily basis, chemistry is involved, and chemists and scientists researching chemistry really have paved the way to make for a safer society and easier life.

- Medication: Without chemistry, many diseases and illnesses wouldn't be cured and many people in society would be in pain. Thanks to chemistry, hospitals are able to supply patients with a whole array of different medications, from pain relief drugs, to drugs that were designed for specific illnesses. In short, chemistry has saved the lives of thousands, if not millions.
It's not only in hospitals that medication helps us on a daily basis either. When we have a cold, a sore throat, stomach pains, a head ache, or any other small ailment, chemistry has allowed us to be able to enter a store and buy medication to help us in these situations, from something as small as a throat sweet, to medicine that rids of heart burn or stomach upset. Thanks to chemistry, our recovery is sped up and daily life is easier to manage when handling these ailments.

- Food: Without chemistry, many of the food stuffs we purchase on a regular basis would perish. Thanks to chemistry, scientists have found ways to ensure food stays fresher for longer thanks to preserving chemicals. This helps personal finances, as food takes longer to perish, and this is a huge contribution and help to society.

- Beauty Products: Although nowhere near as important as medication, thanks to chemistry, there are now thousands if not millions of safe products now available to use for cosmetic reasons. Products such as creams, make up, shampoos and soaps have been developed by chemistry scientists over the years, resulting in our society being inundated with choice.

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