Who Are The Famous Filipino Chemist?


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There are a number of chemists from the Philippines who have had an important influence on chemistry and science. Three of the most famous of these chemists are Paulo Campos, Alfredo Santos and Amando Kapauan. These are, of course, just a handful of the influential Filipino chemists and further details of their studies can be found below.

• Paulo Campos. Doctor Paulo Campos was the first to build a radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines. He is a specialist in nuclear medicine and has written over 75 award winning papers. These scientific papers include; Observation of Some Parameter of Insulin Action, Cr-51 Tagged Red Cell Studies and The Genetic Factor in Endemic Goiter. 
• Alfredo Santos. Santos is a very famous chemist for his research into the chemistry of natural products. He chose to study, in particular, the isolation and elucidation of phaeantharine and other alkaline that could be found in Philippine medical plants. He has won a number of awards throughout his career including the Outstanding Pharmacist Researcher of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association and the Magsaysay's Distinguished Service Star.
• Amando Kapauan. Kapauan was a Filipino chemist who specialized in environmental chemistry. He was renowned for his 1970s research on the effects of heavy metal analysis on the environment. This particularly covered the studies of mercury within soil, water and fish. Later on in his career, Kapauan began to invent new chemical instrumentation that could be worked with the personal computer. Amando had a number of papers published in journals and co-wrote a number of books. He was also a founder of the Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Each of these Filipino chemists has helped contribute toward an increasingly positive reputation for the Philippine's chemistry studies and all have achieved a great deal individually and as part of scientific teams.

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