What Is The Current Price Per Pound For Carbon Steel?


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As of February 2011 (more recent information is not available for free) the price of carbon steel per tonne varies between $788 and $1044 depending on what form the carbon steel is found in. The different forms include hot roiled coil, hot rolled plate, cold rolled coil, hot dipped galvanised coil, electro zinc coil, wire rod, structural sections and beams, rebar and merchant bars. To take an average price for all of these different forms produces the result of $916 per tonne. There are approximately 2,204 pounds in a tonne so dividing the average $916 per tonne will give the answer that one pound of carbon steel is valued at an average of $0.41.

Carbon steel is a steel that's main alloying constituent is carbon. A steel is labelled as carbon steel when there is no minimum content specified or required in order to create a desired alloying effect. It can also be defined by where the specified minimum for copper doesn't exceed 0.4 percent or when the maximum content of manganese doesn't exceed 1.65 percent, silicon doesn't exceed 0.6 percent or copper doesn't exceed 0.6 percent. Sometimes the term 'carbon steel' can refer to steel that is not stainless steel. When this definition is used, 'carbon steel' can include those that are alloy steels. The more carbon that is found in steel, the harder and strong it becomes through heat treating. The number of heat treatments available to be used on carbon steel are extensive and each method has its unique effects on the steel. More carbon does make the steel less ductile and reduces weldability. A higher carbon content also lowers the melting point of the steel. Within the United States carbon steel makes up eighty five percent of all of the steel used in the country.
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220,000 lbs of carbon steel plate

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