What Did Dr. Alfredo C. Santos Invented?


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Dr. Alfredo C. Santos was not necessarily an inventor - he actually pioneered phytochemistry in the Philippines.

• A native of Santo Tomas, Pampanga Dr. Alfredo C. Santos devoted his career to the study of this branch of chemistry in order to search for the medicinal properties of natural products and species of flora native to his home country.

• A professor of industrial pharmacy by trade, he carried out major research concerning the isolation and structural explanation of phaeanthine and phaeantharine, two alkaloids from indigenous medicinal plants.

• Santos' research played an extremely significant part in the introduction of several medicines that are still widespread. He received many honors throughout his career and was active in his work until his death in 1990.

• In literal terms, phytochemistry is the study of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are chemicals derived from plants and other living organisms belonging to the kingdom Plantae. These include life forms such as trees, flowers, bushes, grasses, and green algae.

More specifically, the term phytochemical is used to describe the vast number of secondary metabolic compounds prevalent in plants. Several of these compounds are known to offer defense against attack from both insects and plant disease. They are also known to provide certain protective functions for humans and animals.

Alfredo Santos - Degrees:

•BS in Pharmacy, University of the Philippines
•Doctorate in Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas
•Doctorate in Philosophy, Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster - 1929

Alfredo Santos - Awards:

•1953 - Outstanding Pharmacist Researcher of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association
•1954 - Magsaysay's Distinguished Service Star
•1973 - PhilAAS Outstanding Scientist Award

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