Who Are Filipino Scientists And Their Contribution Of Chemistry?


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There are a number of Filipino scientists and those who have made a significant contribution to chemistry include:

• Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco
• Julian A. Banzon
• Mary Ann A. Endoma
• Luz Oliveros-Belardo

Lim-Sylianco was born in 1925 and is one of the most famous scientists. Her work included the study of medical elements of plants such as coconut and ampalaya. The main emphasis of her studies was mutagens, which are any agent that changes the genetic makeup of organisms. She is also famous, because her laboratories were used as an International Training Center in 1986, and she was a member of the International Advisory Committee on antimutagens, to which she was appointed in 1989.

Julian Banzon, who died aged 80 in 1988, was a biophysicist. His main focus of study was the coconut, and the fact that it could be used as a renewable source in chemicals. He is most famous for making the first study into the fuel that can be extracted from coconut and sugar cane.

The specialist subject of Mary Ann A. Endoma is researching anti-cancer products using Philippine plants. She does this using biochemical processes, and was awarded the prestigious Third World Academy of Sciences Prize in 2003.

Luz Oliveros-Belardo was born in 1906, and her specialist field was phytochemistry. Phytochemistry is the study of the metabolic compounds found in plants. Some of these compounds provide protection against diseases caused by insect bites.

Other famous Filipino scientists include Alfredo C. Santos, who was a trained pharmaceutical chemist who tried to lower the cost of medicines through his research. Christina A. Binag is well known for her studies into conducting polymers in sensor technology, and Ishmael D. Ordonez established a laboratory for studies into photocatalysis.

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