What Is The Invention Of Dr. Alfredo Santos?


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Invention of alfredo santos
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Doctor Alfredo Santos is a Filipino Chemist. He is the best noted researcher in the chemistry of natural products, in particular the isolation and elucidation of the phaeantharine and other alkaloids from Philippine medical plants.

•BS in Pharmacy, University of the Philippines
•Doctorate in Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas
•Doctorate in Philosophy, Westfalische Wilhelm’s Universidad Munster - 1929Awards:

•1953 - Outstanding Pharmacist Researcher of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association
•1954 - Magsaysay's Distinguished Service Star
•1973 - PhilAAS Outstanding Scientist Award

Doctor Francisco Santos is a Filipino Agricultural Chemist. He studied the nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods from the Philippines. His data was used to help detect and solve problems with Filipino diets.

•A.B., University of the Philippines, 1914
•M.S., University of the Philippines, 1919
•Ph. D. Agricultural Chemistry, Yale University, 1922Awards:

Doctor Francisco Santos was recipient of a number of awards including:

•Distinguished Service Medal for outstanding contribution in the field of nutrition among Filipinos, 1955
•Andres Soriano award in chemistry, 1956
•University of the Philippines Alumni award, 1979

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