What Are The Two Main Branches Of Science?


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There are two main branches of science. These are physical science and social science.

Physical science consists of three types;
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
    Whereas physiological science consists of numerous disciplines including, amongst others;
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
These are the two different types of science. Physical sciences are the study of the physical world around us. There is more mathematical data for physical science studies and the majority of its findings are proven in the studies as fact.

  • Biology is the study of living things. This includes animals, cells and nature amongst the thousands of things that can be studied under biology. Chemistry is the science of materials and elements and physics is the science of movement and force. This can include light and other natural energy. Physical science is a lot less about interpretation than social science.
  • Social science is the science of social communities and can produce some interesting results. As the brain and actions of a person or animal are not the same in everyone, much more interpretation is involved in finding the results for a social science study. You cannot just perform the experiment with one person like you can perform an experiment with one magnet in physics. This is because the magnet in physics will always act in the same way whereas a person or range of people will not.
The scientists that study the two different types of science do not tend to cross over from one to the other as they demand different skill sets. These are seen as separate kinds of science although they are technically the same subject.
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Earth Science and Natural Science (General Science).
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What are the two main branches of physics
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Two main branches of science:
*Physics and Chemistry*
Natural and Physical science
natural and Social science
Biological and Earth Science

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