What Is The Formation Of Seasons In The Earth's Revolution?


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Different temperature and climatic conditions make different seasons.
Since the earth is revolving around the sun in a elliptical orbit, it's
distance from the sun is changing, resulting in change in temperature
and light, gradually.This causes change in day length, hot and cold
days , rainy and non rainy seasons(highest the temperature-highest
water evaporation-highest cloud formation-highest rain etc.). Therefore
different seasons are found in earth
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In places near the Equator, there is a little difference between the temperatures at different time of the years. This is because the sun shines always overhead, or almost so, throughout the year. These regions therefore, do not really have the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter—while places away from the Equator as England and New Zealand experience. On June 21st, the position of earth in its orbit is such that the North Pole is tilted towards the sun and the noonday sun shines vertically overhead at the tropic of Cancer (23 ½ N). At the same time, the southern half of the earth is tilted away from the sun. This condition is summer solstice.

In the southern hemisphere, the opposite takes place. It is mid-winter and the days are shorter than the nights. By December 22nd, the earth has traveled halfway along its orbit round the sun and the North Pole is now turned away from the sun. The noonday sun now shines vertically overhead at the tropic of Capricorn (23 ½ N). At this time, known as the winter solstice.

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