Can You Tell Me About Globalisation And Its Advantages?


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Globalization has also been defined as internationalization at times. Globalization is the interchange of ideas, services and goods at a global level, across all the boundaries. The world has seen a rapid spread of globalization in the in the last two decades due to advancement in communications, transportation and technology.    Globalization carries with itself a number of advantages. These in short can be explained in the following ways. Globilization increases the awareness level of an individualalong with making it easier to connect with others people around the globe. It enhances the quick flow of information along with the quick inflow and outflow of money.Globilization has has increased the spread of domestic products around the world in other markets. Alomg side this it has also spread multiculturalism. A greater level of travel and tourism opportunities have been made available.    There has been a drastic development in a global telecommunications infrastructure e.g internet, satellites, and wireless telephones along with the rapid increase in the global transportation system.    The would has also seen reduction and elimination in trade tariffs around the world, decrease in transportation costs,increase in imports and exports, better diplomatic relations and cultural exchanges, the integration of financial markets, freedom in exchange of goods and services along with social freedom .i.e. Ease of movement. There has been greater immigration trends around the world and last but not least the recognition of intellectual property restrictions.
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The modern world has become a global village due to the fast invention of the modern means of communication. They have reduced the long distance and brought the far of countries close together. I.T.I.E. Internet and computer have brought a great revolution in the modern world. The far of countries of the world have become quite close to each other.

The great advantage of globalization is its universal approach. It will be of a great use if it helps the workers of the poor undeveloped countries and trains them in different skills. The surplus labor of the poor countries can learn modern techniques in business, trade, commerce and industry by migrating to the developed countries and thus earn a lot for their country and masses, the modern developed countries are touching the peak of progress. A discovery in the field of science and medicine can be enjoyed by every one in a short time. Internet has proved a great blessing opportunities for job, in formation, regarding business and trade, the library facilities to the educationists and researchers, the economic trends in the world. All these and host of other facilities are enjoyed by the users of internet due to globalization. We can keep in touch with almost all over the world.
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Globalisation refers to a huge upbringing of a country in terms of economy, technology and cultural means. It means that the conventional and traditional working of the company is changed into a more advanced version. The world is growing each and every day and man has been making a lot of progress in the field of technology. The innovation of man relating to technology has reached new heights. It is very important for a country to enter globalisation as it will bring more economy to the country and the people will be educated about the current trends of the world.

Globalisation has changed the fate of a lot of countries and has definitely increased the per capita income of the countries suffering from economy problems. More and more companies are setting up their factories and offices in various countries and have been hiring a lot of people which is also a cause of globalisation.

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