What Are The Advantages Of Globalisation?


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One of them is communicating easily because satellite technology and Internet can help people for more communication and sharing information.
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Globalisation creates employment in the host country. The host countrymen can have imported products produced in their own country, and they can have those products at cheaper rate because the products are made in the same country and don't carry any import duty. Globalisation helps to provide better growth aspects for the market.
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Globalization helps to make awareness to the public by give knowledge about the world trade.
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There are numerous advantages that globalisation is bringing to the world economy. One of the greatest benefits is the increase in the international flow of money. As an entrepreneur, a person can invest in the market of his choice and can bring better value for its customers and the shareholders of his company.

The creation of organisations like WTO is also playing a big role in bringing regulation to the world economy. These organisations provide a forum for every signatory to express its grievances and they also serve as an authority to make nations abide by some rules to protect the interest of global economy.

The development of global finance system is also a big advantage of globalisation as all the international transactions are done smoothly through these agencies.

Cultural exchange is one of the most important reasons that people are in favour of globalisation, as it results into greater inflow of tourist and by coming into contact with them, people can learn a lot of new things.
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Globalization stimulates trade and commerce. It also breaks down the barriers of prejudice as the familiarity of societies different than your own brings knowledge and understanding. Globalization has actually been around since the beginning of man. If you look at history anyone that has explored and stimulated trade with others has opened doors of new products, optimized means of production and refinement of techniques. It has also brought great wealth to the people that explore and import goods, products and services as well as exporting the same to the other trading partners.
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It brings in a lot of money to the countries who own the company.
It provides a lot of jobs.
More free trade between countries.
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There are a number of benefits of globalization, some of which are following:
- Trans-nationalization whereby a worldwide production market has emerged.
- Emergence of worldwide financial market providing access to numerous financing options worldwide.
- Freedom of exchange of goods, services and capital
- Shift from manufacturing to services industry.
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(in context of business)
globalization reduces the world prices.
It provides wider choice for the consumers
it help potential businesses to gain high profits
globalisatoin delivers high living standards in developing countries
creates employement opprtunities
enable countries to specialize in what they do best and gain competitive advantage.
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Globalistion plays a fundamental role in developing countries.There is the sharing of expertise.As developing countries we have to keep abraced with changing technologies in the world,so getting involved means a lot.
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Globalisation is very important in our today world because without it many countries would go in money as more firms spreading through the world people without jobs will have a second chance to find job in this new firm in their country and another advantage is that if the firm is a success the amount of money of the company will rise by a great amount.Also an important disadvantage is that by building more firms as an entrepreneur if the firm is a total failure you will be .
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Globalisation has helped in the fight against epidemic diseases as cholera, ebola etc
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Most so called advantages of globalisation are bullshit arguments. For most countries there is enough internal diversity, labour and capital to create innovative competition. Also for most industries countries are large enough to create an efficient scale for production.
For the rest international cooperation can easily be arranged and controlled by politics and doesn't need the free market of exploitation. Therefore the primary goal of globalisation through the international free market is the exploitation of the weak, which are labour and nature.

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