What are the three main roots of Science?


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Science can be broken down to three distinct areas: Biology, chemistry and physics. These can be further defined:

  • Biology
Biology is the scientific study of all living organisms including plants and animals. It looks at areas such as their genetic make-up, structure, evolution, origin, function and distribution. Biologists may study plants and animals in particular regions around the world and may look at aspects such as their cell structure and reproductive habits. In addition, this field of science includes many strands such as zoology and botany.

  • Chemistry
This root of science involves the study of the structure, properties and composition of substances. Scientists will look at how different substances react with each other to produce other substances. They may also carry out experiments to investigate what components make up a substance by separating them from each other. This may be done through heating the products, or putting them in a machine such as a centrifuge.

  • Physics
This root of science covers quite a large spectrum of science as it involves studying the science of matter and energy. Also, it involves looking at the interactions between both matter and energy. Within this field you will find fields such as acoustics, thermodynamics, nuclear physics and electromagnetism. It also involves studying the solar system and looking at relationships between stars and planets for example.
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3 main branches of science
1. Physical science - physics, chemistry, astronomy
2. Earth science - geology, oceanography, paleontology, meteorology
3. Life science (biology) - botany, zoology, genetics, medicine
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Natural science
applied science
social science
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There are many branches like botany, astronomy , zoology , geophysics etc which are studied as a separate subject, but basically these are sub-branches of three main branches of science: Biology, physics and chemistry.

Biology is the study of living things.Including plants and animals.
Physics is the study of matter and energy and the relationship between each other.
Chemistry is the study of composition and reaction of matter.

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The three main branches of Science are Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences and Social Sciences : D

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