What Are The Four Types Of Consumer Buying Behavior?


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Consumer buying behavior is often divided into four different categories:

  • Impulse purchase
  • Routine purchase
  • Limited decision making
  • Extensive decision making
Understanding the different types of consumer behavior can be vital in running or managing a commercial enterprise successfully.

Here's a little more information about the different types of consumer behavior mentioned above:

The four types of consumer buying behavior
  • Impulse buying - This type of purchase is decided upon with little or no thought. Picking up a packet of gum whilst queuing up at the checkout is an example of impulse buying.
  • Routine purchase - Is something a consumer buys every day/week/month. The product is usually selected as a matter of habit, and this is where brand familiarity can be really important.
  • Limited decision making - Refers to when a consumer buys something after consulting someone or doing a little bit of research. An example would be picking a Chinese restaurant to have dinner at.
  • Extensive decision making - Is a purchase that requires planning and thought. Buying a car or a new sofa fall into this category.

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