Can You Describe The Economic Importance Of Family Solanaceae (Night Shade Or Potato Family)?


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Members of the family Solanaceae provides drugs and food, some are weedy, some are poisonous, and others are handsome ornamentals.

The most important plant in the family is Solanum tuberosum. Potatoes while or Irish potatoes introduces into Europe from the Andean region in the late 1500's.In Ireland people are completely dependant on potatoes.

This is the favorite home garden vegetable, was once believed to be poisonous. Tomatoes originate in Andes.

Other important food plants are Solanum melogena (egg plant or brinjal).

The fruit of Capsicum annum and capsicum frutescence are rich in vitamin C and A, are used as condiment.

Pysalis (Ground –Cherry) produces an edible fruit enclosed in bladder like persistent calyx the husk, the name husk tomatoes.

Nicotiana tobacum:
This is of great commercial value as its leaves are dried and made into tobacco, which is used in making cigarettes.

Powerful alkaloids:
Many members of these family yield powerful alkaloids, e.g. Atropa belladonna and datura, which are rich in atropine and datuine respectively, are used medicinally.

Ornamental plants:
Many, plants are cultivated in the gardens for their beautiful flowers, thee included Petunia, Nicotiana, Cestrum and Solanum.

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