Can You List And Describe Economic Importance Of Lichen?


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The symbiotic association between fungus and photosynthetic partner is known as lichen. It is very important for the economy, as it brings a lot of benefits to the economy.

The primary ecological advantage of lichens is that they are poikilohydric, which means that they are variably relating to water. Although they have a little control over hydration but still they can tolerate desiccation. In this way they can even survive in the harsh conditions and therefore, provide a protection to photosynthetic partner.

Secondly, lichens can also play an important role in soil stabilization. Even in some regions, seeds cannot germinate if the lichens are not present to stabilize the soil.

Thirdly, Lichens also produce pigments which are very good for decreasing harmful amounts of the sunlight. This pigment is also used to reduce the killing of herbivory because of powerful toxins.

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