What Are The Elements Of Travel?


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The elements of travel are as follows:

• Reason for journey
• Distance to travel
• Starting point
• Destination
• Length of stay
• Form of transport(s)

Firstly the reason for the journey is a crucial element to travel as if there was no reason for traveling then a person simply would not do the journey. Reasons for travel can be classed as for work, pleasure, holiday or visiting family and friends.

The distance of travel is another important element and can determine what form of transport would be taken to complete the journey. If it is a short journey then a person would have several options of travel such as walking, cycling, driving or by train. Whereas if it was a long distance and even overseas then the choices would be narrowed to air travel or by boat.

Starting point and final destination of a journey can be another element of travel and is fundamental to successfully completing a journey. Many people will first check how far it is to the destination and will also plan the route if they are to go by car.

Forms of transport are also a crucial element to travel and as mentioned before the other factors can contribute to what form of transport is selected. Forms of transport include walking, cycling, driving, taxi, train, plane and ferry. Many journeys can consist of a variety of transport being used, such as taking a taxi to the airport before flying to their destination.
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The Four Elements of Travel are the following;
1. Distance
2. Length of Stat at Destination
3. Residence of the Traveler
4. Purpose of Travel
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These are some point which you should cosider before traveling...

1. Funding/Money

2. Destination

3. Right time and season

4. Sense of Fun and Adventure


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1. Money

2. Where you go

3. Time

4. Safety 

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You can be Mind these elements Before Starting Travel:

1) Budget

2) Destination

3) How many days you can be plan for traveling

4)  Right time for visiting

5) Safety Of that Place 

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The main element of traveling for me is the correct choice of the agency-provider of the trip itself. For instance, if I want to go to Karelia, the best provider is , according to my experience. It is not a secret, that reliability of the provider is very important.

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