What Are The 5 Characteristic Of Tourism?


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1. Tourism is a combination of relationships and phenomena.
2. It is dynamic.
3. The destination and sleeping location are outside of one's place of residence and work.
4. The move to the destination is short term and temporary in which the intention is to stay for a few days, weeks, or months.
5. The destination is chosen for leisure not work.

All travel has the elements of distance, length of stay, residence of the traveler, and purpose of the travel. These four elements add to the characteristics of travel. Basically all tourism becomes easy to discuss in a marketing situation when you examine the elements of what a tourist wants from the travel.

When someone travels, it is often with others as a way to strengthen their relationships or to get back to what their relationship used to be. For example, a family with grown children will travel in order to feel that family connection again.

Tourism is also about developing new relationships. The dynamic and static elements tell us that tourism has to remain constant in certain aspects like the fact one travels, stays at a destination, and has things they can do for enjoyment. The dynamic aspect is what options are available for the most enjoyment at that destination, such as what is different from any other location of choice.

The last three make the most sense as characteristics of tourism. Obviously, tourism can happen anyway, but most of us do not think of tourism as something in our home town because we do those activities all the time. What we want is something new and different hence the need to get away for our leisure opportunities irrespective of whether the travel is long or short. Most of us find even two days are a type of tourism as long as it is new.

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