What Are Various Stages Of Life?


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Life is like a circle, it moves on and on and on. Well it maybe right to say that this life will never come to an end, but yes people will come and go. This is what life is. It is life cycle of human being and many other creature who share this beautiful place to live in. you see ever since you are born you enter into the life cycle, and this life cycle is of four stages. All of these are different from each other.

The very first stage of life is when you are born and you're an infant, the time you come in this world and it is basically the learning stage, in this stage you are totally unaware of the world and its worries. Then comes teenage, these age is all about love, fun and enjoyment, in this stage the major tension is about studies and love life, this stage is the golden time in one's life.

After this comes the serious phase of life, where people start thinking in a more mature way and take things more seriously and look at their careers and future. Followed by this stage, comes the time when one has to get married and spend life with someone, have kids. The last stage in ones life is the old age where, people have seems their entire lives, and is happy and contented with what they have done in their life. These are the different stages of human life.
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A human life undergoes the following stages.First ,he is an infant.He is guided by the people surrounding him.Then he became a toddler.After that he steps into teenage life.He has some plans for his future .Following teenage life,is the professional life .He gets married.He tries to fulfil all his dreams.After these stages gone ,he became weaker and weaker and steps into old age till he dies.
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Perhaps you can go for the poem seven ages written by Shakespeare. He compared life with a stage and people as actors. I think this would really work.

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