What Are The Various Phases Of Communication?


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Preparation, Initiation, exploration and termination phase
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The communication process is a two-way process that has a series of steps pertaining to the sender and the receiver who are the major participants in the process. The success of the communication process greatly depends upon the proper selection of the medium of communication. Moreover the steps are to be accomplished by the level of accuracy that is required to ensure smooth carriage of the entire process.

The first phase involves the sender getting an idea about sending a message. After checking the feasibility of the idea to mutate it into a full-fledged message, the sender would appraise the findings against the idea and would go whichever way the results are suggesting to take.

Secondly, the sender encodes the idea into a message that he intends to send to a receiver. The precaution taken during this step is to make sure that the receiver won't face any difficulty in decoding the message after he receives it.

The central step of the process is the sending of the message from the sender to the receiver that is the most crucial phase of the communication process. The factor that actually makes the phase so significant is the choice of the medium through which the message is decided to be sent.

The last three steps involve the receiver with the fourth step including the receiving of the message by the receiver. Next comes the fifth step where the receiver decodes the message and develops his own comprehension of it. Later on he sends a feedback to the sender, depending upon the compatibility between the actual meaning of the message and the receiver's interpretation about it.

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