What Are Some Famous Rivers Of The World?


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Nile River (Africa)
Amazon River (South America)
Ganga River (India)
Yangtze River (Asia)
Mackenzie River (North America)
Danube River (Europe)
Niger River (Africa)
Hudson River (North America)
Mississippi River (North America)
Yellow River - China (Asia)
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Here are some interesting facts about the most well known rivers on each planet.
The River Danube (Europe); it is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, made even more famous by the great music composer Johann Strauss in his waltz "The Blue Danube". It flows through a distance of 2858 km.

The Mississippi River (North America): the world's fourth longest river, the Mississippi flows for a distance of about 6000 km from the Rockies and its drainage basin takes up 40% of the total area of the USA.

The River Nile (Africa): with a total length of 6670 km, the Nile is world's longest river. It is made up of two rivers, the longer White Nile, which rises from Lake Victoria in Uganda, and the shorter Blue Nile, which has its source in lake Tana Ethiopia.

The Amazon River (South America):of all the rivers in the world the greatest is the Amazon River, which has a drainage basin of 7.77million sq. km. with a total length of 6437 km, it is world's second longest river after Nile.

The Chang Jiang (Asia): it is the longest river in China and in Asia, but ranks third in the world, it flows east for a distance of 6300 km before it drains into the Yellow Sea.
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Tigris River
Euphrates River
Danube River
Columbia River
St. John River
Tiber River
Thames River
Caucasus River
Ganges River
Mackenzie River
Seine  River
Colorado River
Hudson River
Yellow River
Niger River
Yangtze River
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1) Nile River (Africa)
2) Amazon river (South America)
3) Ganges River (India)
4) Yangtze River (Asia)
5) Mackenzie (Canada)
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List of Major Rivers in the World:

Major Rivers in the WorldRivers NameCountryLength in KmLength in MilesRiver - NileAfrica6,6904,160River - AmazonSouth America6,5704,080River - Mississippi - MissouriUnited States of America6,2123,860River - IrtyshRussia5,5703,461River - Chang Jiang (Yangtze)China5,5203,430River - Huang He (Yellow)China4,6722,903River - Zaire (Congo)Africa4,6672,900River - AmurAsia4,5092,802River - LenaRussia4,2962,653River - MackenzieCanada4,2412,635River - MekongAsia4,1842,600River - NigerAfrica4,1682,590River - YeniseyRussia4,1292,566River - ParanaSouth America3,9432,450River - Murray - DarlingAustralia3,7172,310River - VolgaRussia3,6902,293River - MadeiraSouth America3,3152,060River - PurusSouth America3,2182,000River - St LawrenceCanada3,0581,900River - Rio GrandeUSA - Mexico3,0341,885River - YukonAlaska2,8971,800River - OrinocoSouth America2,8971,800River - Sao FranciscoSouth America2,8971,800River - SalweenBurma - China2,8971,800River - DanubeEurope2,8481,770River - IndusAsia2,7361,700River - BrahmaputraAsia2,7041,680
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Ganges (india), river Nile ( Egypt), Amazon( Brazil), Yangtze( china) plus lots more too......
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The River Nile, the Mississippi, the Ob, the Thames, the Amazon, the Ganges... Loads!!!
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Famous names that spring to mind include the Mississippi, the Amazon, the Nile (which is the longest) and the Yangtze. In Europe some names include the Seine, the Thames, the Rhine and the Danube. Then there are others like the Tigris and the Limpopo - but it would take too long to name them all, please have a look at this list.
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