What Are The Names Of The Famous Rivers Of The World?


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There are many famous rivers in the world.  Some are locally famous, others are nationally famous, others still are world-famous.  I'll give you the names of a few of the latter group.

Nile River
Mississippi River
Amazon River
Yallow River
Tigris River
Euphrates River
Danube River
Columbia River
St. John River
Tiber River
Thames River
Caucasus River

These are just a few.  Since "famous" implies subjectivity (some might think these rivers are not famous, but others I might not think are, could be considered famous), someone might disagree with a few of my choices.  I might not agree with someone else's choices.  Oh well.  Hope this helps.
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A river is basically a freshwater body that flows and meets a lake, a sea or an ocean. It can also flow to another river or under the ground.

There are hundreds of rivers all around the world. Some of them are:

- Berg
- Niger
- Nile
- Onyx river
- Huang He
- Angara
- Indus River
- Avon
- Hayle
- Rhine
- Wear
- Brazos
- Delaware
You can get the names of all the rivers around the world at this link.
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Some famous rivers are danube, ganges, zaire, mississippi, nile, st lawrence, volga, zambezi, rhine, colorado, yangtze and murray-darling ! X
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