What Are The Names Of Five Rivers?


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Five rivers in france
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River Thames (flows through London).
Hudson River (one of 2 rivers that flows through New York City).
The Nile -- the longest river in the world, I think.
The Amazon: river that has the most freshwater flowing through it, in the whole world.
Yangtze River: most famous river in China.
The Ganges: Holy river in India.
The Danube: flows through several Eastern European capital cities.
The Volga: flows through Moscow.
Los Angeles River -- well, they call it a river, but more like a culvert or dirty ditch most of the year.
San Diego River: not much more to it than the LA River, but once in a while it has a massive heavy flood, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage to the buildings the numpty city planners allowed to be built on the flood plain.

Everything is relative, though. If you've ever been to Spain you know what a dry country it is. But the Moors called Spain "the Land of Rivers" because it was so verdant and full of flowing freshwater courses -- compared to North Africa where the Moors came from.

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