What Is The Economic Importance Of Tomato(Lycopersium Esculentum L.)?


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Tomatoes are considered to be one of the most economically important crops of all those that exist in the world. Economically speaking, tomatoes are worth a tremendous amount of money because they give more yield.

Tomatoes are also one of the main ingredients in hundreds of dishes and products that are sold in supermarkets throughout the developed world. This means that the demand of tomatoes from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines (where there is also a particular high demand for tomatoes as they are a main ingredient in dishes) will be extremely high.

The production of tomatoes is ranked second behind eggplant in the Philippines and fifth in Indonesia. In both of these countries, small business owners and farmers are dominated by producing tomatoes. But they highly value and favor the choice to produce tomatoes because of their high value in money as this makes up a very large part of their income.

Tomatoes are also a popular choice by people who wish to grow fruits and vegetables in their own gardens. Not only can they be used raw in salads, but they are also an essential part of many recipes as well as many produced products such as tomato ketchup and chutney. They can also be grown both indoors in greenhouses and outdoors, although tomatoes that are grown outside tend to have higher nutrient contents than those grown in greenhouses.

Tomatoes have many advantages over growing other types of crops, such as:

• Their high yield which results in their high economic value.
• They have very high nutritional value with high levels of pro-vitamin A and C. As well as being ranked first on their nutritional contribution to a human's diet.
• They are a short duration crop.
• They are very well suited for different cropping systems that are used on grains, pulses, cereals and oilseeds.
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Tomatoe is very healthy fruit and used in almost every dish.It is a fleshy fruit.As it is climacteric fruit so it could be plucked

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