What Are Some Main Characteristics Of Organisms?


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Living organism:
They reproduce
they breath
they grow
they respond to stimuli
they respond to touch/sunlight
they can move
they are alive
that's it.... I know only this much!!
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There are some general characteristics of living organisms. The primary characteristic of living organisms is that they are made up of living material which is known as protoplasm. The second feature is that all living organisms either plants or animals have cells. Living organisms can also respire like plants and animals take in oxygen and expels out carbon dioxide. Living beings also have the capability to reproduce and increase in numbers. They can also obtain energy and use it to remain active and carry out various activities. They can grow and develop with time and they also excrete waste products. Moreover, living organisms also respond to their environment and adapt to the changes in the environment.

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  1. 1.the organism should have atleast one cell.
  2. 2.the cell must contain plasma.
  3. 3. The organism must have respiration.
  4. 4. The organism must have the power to reproduce more organism like itself.
  5. 5.it should have metabolism
  6. 6.it should have a definite life span.
  7. 7.it should hae he ability to response.
  8. 8.it should hve a metamorphosis and ageing.
  9. 9.it should ble to throw out the wests from its body.
  10. 10.it should have some movement.
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They walk
they eat
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1) Nutrition
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1) Have a cellular organization
2) Contain similar chemicals
3) Use energy
4) respond to their surroundings
5) Grow and develop
6) Reproduce
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They have to grow, metabolise, reproduce, adapt, move, respond, differentiate, and adapt, some people also think that they have to evolve but that's not an official one yet.
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Organisms reproduce, use energy, have cellular organization, grow and develope, have similar chemicals, and respond to surroundings
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I'm not sure what you mean by this...Do you mean what characteristics living organisms share? If so there are a few things...
For something to be classified as living it has to be made up of cells, or a be a single cell.
Living organisms also need to be able to obtain, and use energy
They need to be able to reproduce
And they need to be able to respond and adapt to their environment.
I'm sure there are more, but those are the fundamental characteristics all living organisms share.
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Thank you, I hate when people ask questions and aren't even sure of what they are trying to ask.
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Winter 2007 I would just like to say that only elementary school kids put hannah montana as there pictures :)
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All living things have to feed in order to gain energy and the materials needed to make the living matter (protoplasm) of their bodies. This process is called nutrition. Secondly every organism required energy to perform its vital activities. In both plants and animals, the organic food substances store up energy. This energy is set free when they are broken down by oxidation into simpler substance such as carbon dioxide and water. We call this process respiration.

Thirdly the process by which the organism removes such metabolic waste substances is called excretion. Moreover in living organism's growth is an increase in the mass and volume as a result of converting absorbed food into living protoplasm.
Movement is a also a characteristic of organisms. It is more detected in most animals than in plants. Other than this the property of living organisms of giving an appropriate response to a stimulus is termed as irritability or sensitivity.

All living organisms are able to reproduce their own kind. Reproduction is necessary for the species to survive. And lastly living organisms are able to adjust and adapt themselves to changes in their environment. This adaptability increases their chances of survival and the perpetuation of their own species.
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Is this a question on your homework?! I hate when people do that. I only ask you that because it is a question that children in elementary-middle school would be asked. Look the word organism up. When you find out what that means, then you will know the characteristics of an organism.

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