How Do I Calculate A Stack Of Brick Pavers Into Square Feet?


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Depends on the size of the paver!! Here are some common sizes along with pavers per SQ ft.

For 4" x 8" pavers - 4.5 pavers per sq. Ft.
For 3 5/8" x 7 5/8" pavers - 5.2 pavers per sq. Ft.
For 3 3/4" x 7 1/2" pavers - 5.1 pavers per sq. Ft.

To estimate how far your stack of pavers will go determine how many square inches on the brick face by multiplying Length and Width of the paver face. We know there are 144'' in a square foot. Now divide 144 by the number of square inches on the brick face. That will depend on the size of your pavers..
As and Example lets say you have: 4'' x 8'' pavers..
4'' x 8''=32'', 144/32''= 4.5 pavers per SQ ft.
Now we can determine how far your stack will go. Using our example lets say you have 3600 4''x8'' pavers, we know there are 4.5 of these pavers in a square ft.
3600/4.5= 800 SQ feet

Hope this helps

On a side note Typically, you should also include an additional 1 1/2 bricks per linear foot of edge for cutting.
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