How To Calculate Square Feet Into Tons?


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When calculating square feet into tons, the answer depends upon the density of the material you are looking to convert. The first step is to convert the square feet into cubic feet to make it the same base unit as tons are. To achieve this, multiply the length by the width by the height, or the area by the height. So for example, if the length was 20 feet and the width was 5 feet, the total area would be 100 square feet. Multiply the 100 by the height, which if it were 2 inches, would be 100 multiplied by (2 divided by 12) which equals 16.67 cubic feet. The volume of any substance depends on the density of the substance, and the density of a substance is described as its mass unit per volume. Some examples of substance density are:

- Aluminum - 2700 kg per cubic meter
- Cork - 230 kg per cubic meter
- Common red brick - 1922 kg per cubic meter
- Plaster - 849 kg per cubic meter
- Tar - 1153 kg per cubic meter
- Solid Sandstone - 2323 kg per cubic meter

As all these measurements are in cubic meters, there will be an additional conversion required to convert from cubic feet. To do this, simply multiply the cubic feet (using 16.67 from earlier) by 0.028316847. So in this case, the amount needed in cubic meters is 0.472. If you required 0.472 cubic meters of common red brick multiply the 0.472 by 1922 kg and the answer is 907.184 kg. So in tons the total needed in this case would be 0.907184.
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Multiply length (feet) by width (feet) by height (inches) divide by 12 divide by 27 multiply by 1.6
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