Where I Can Find The Concept Map Of The Branches Of Science?


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Arianna Vaccaro answered
By having a look online at some educational resources you will be able to come across a number of concept maps for branches of science. They may also be found in educational textbooks or research studies.

One example can be found by following this link, and click on 'Vanides_CM.pdf'. Concept maps are a great way of taking technical and often very complex information and explaining it in a more simple manner. By using graphics such as graphs and charts the brain is better able to make connections between different chemical processes and as a result, understanding the whole process becomes easier.

Anyone can make a concept map to illustrate any scientific processes or phenomena. Usually they are used by teachers in the classroom in very straightforward terms. They can also be used by university lecturers using more complex terminology for older students and adults.

Using concept maps obviously makes complex material seem more accessible. In this way, it is also a great revision tool for students revising for exams. By being able to visualize processes in a map or chart form there is no need to read reams upon reams of paper from a science textbook as you will already be able to comprehend the fundamental principles.

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