What are the diffrence branches of science?


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If you are looking to find out what the different branches of science are, you could be here a good while. There are absolutely tonnes of branches within the heading of science, so you may want to do a lot of research on it to find the branch of science that particularly interests you.

Examples of branches of science include: Chemistry, biology, physics and biochemistry.

Here are some ways you can find out about different branches of science and find the ones that really interest you:
  • Search online
Using websites such as Wikipedia.com, you can look through all the different branches of science by searching them individually, or looking at them through the main umbrella of science. Such websites will outline extensive information on the branches of science that you are looking to research and will allow you to read up on those that actually interest you.
  • Visit the library
If you have an afternoon spare and are looking for something to do, including your quest for more knowledge regarding science, you can visit your local library. Your librarian will be happy to provide you with books that you can read to find out more knowledge about the specific branches of science that you are interested in. Some branches of science are easier to comprehend and more interesting than others, so have a good rummage around the shelves before you commit to one book.
  • Ask your teacher
If you are still in school or higher education, you can ask your teacher or lecturer about the different branches of science and they will be happy to enlighten you. You could even ask a number of teachers about this information, as some will have more knowledge about it than others, depending on what they specialize in.

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