How To Take Care Of The Platform Balance?


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There are four main rules to maintaining a platform balance:

1. Clean the balance thoroughly before and after use
2. Frequently confirm that the balance is attuned and calibrated correctly remembering to weigh test samples at room temperature (this is only important if the balance is highly sensitive).
3. Always use standardized and clean containers when weighing samples
4. Ensure that the 'Tare' button is used correctly

The first rule is fairly obvious as any dust or dirt can affect the accuracy of the platform balance. A regular cleaning schedule will reduce erroneous results.

Most scales will have a dial or some sort of mechanism to adjust its meters and allow calibrations. The scales should have documentation about where this mechanism is, but if not it shouldn't be too difficult to locate.

Perform recalibration regularly to maintain accurate readings.

If the platform balance is being used to weigh objects, rather than people say, place such things within containers so as to reduce contact between balance and object. You must of course weigh the container first and deduct this from the final result unless the scales have a 'tare' button, which resets the scales. The use of this button must be appropriate and reset after its implementation.

Enquire whether the platform balance's manufacturer provides an after-sale maintenance service.

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