What Are The Classification Of Laboratory Apparatus And Equipment?


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  • Bunsen Burners
Bunsen burners are one particular type of laboratory apparatus. They were created by a man called Robert Bunsen, hence the name, in the 19th century. The Bunsen burner is used to burn different objects that are used in the laboratory environment, often including different chemical substances to research their reactions with heat and fire. It produces one single gas flame which is adjustable for different heats and can be also used for heating, combustion and sterilizing.
  • Laboratory Goggles
Given that safety is always key in a laboratory environment, experiments couldn't really commence without them. They shield the eyes from the many potential dangers that come as a result of working in the arena of science, with chemistry being a main offender. If combined with the Bunsen burner mentioned above, not wearing goggles can lead to chemicals getting into the eyes or even burning your face with the intense heat from the fire.
  • Laboratory Tongs
These are also a safety requirement when dealing with work in a laboratory. They allow scientists to pick up substances that could either be incredibly hot or corrosive to touch, meaning that dangerous substances can still be dealt with for use in science experiments. It would be nearly impossible to do proper experiments without the use of laboratory tongs, as nobody would be able to move potentially lethal items.
  • Petri Dishes
These dishes allow scientists to get a good view of the specimen that they are investigating, with its see through body and flat surface. The dish is usually shallow and circular at the bottom to allow for microscopes to focus on the item that is inside. This helps the scientists in the case of mixing different substances without letting other elements interfere.

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