What Is Functionalism And Theory Of Charles Darwin Theory?


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The major trend in psychology is functionalism. This approach, which began in the United States, was in large part a protest against the structuralism of Wundt. Structuralists were interested in what they called the components of consciousness. Functionalists focused on the process of conscious activity.

Functionalism grew from the new perspective on nature supplied by Charles Darwin and his followers. Proponents of functionalism stressed the biological significance of natural processes including behaviors. The emphasis was on overt observable behavior not on private mental events. Charles Darwin purposed the theory of evolution in his book on the origin of species by means of natural selection published in 1859.As we know his work more than that of any other person revolutionized biology.

The concept of natural selection showed how the consequences of animal characteristics affect its ability to survive. Instead of simply identifying describing and naming species, biologists now began to look at the adaptive significance of the ways in which species differ.

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