What Is The Essence Of Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution?


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Charles Darwin was an English biologist who is now credited with developing the theory of evolution, one of the most important theories in modern biology. His book On the origin of species, was published in 1859.

He put forward the mechanism of natural selection to explain how organisms managed to change and adapt to their environment over a period of time. He said that animals were born with slightly different characteristics – those that were most able to survive – ie those that were 'fittest' survived to have offspring and so pass on these characteristics. Other individuals with poorer survival characteristics tended to die before they bred, so they did not pass their properties on to the population.

Darwin's theories were, and still are for some people, in conflict with religious ideas of creation and the controversy still rages about his theories. However, most scientist accept evolution and it can now be explained at the molecular level.
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Charles Robert Darwin theory of evolution by natural selection suggests that animals and humans shared a common ancestry. So, according to him, we were not created by God, we evolved from a primitive life form. Darwin formulated his bold theory in private in 1837-39So. His views were based on fossils he found in various places in his voyages around the world. He wrote the book "On the Origin of Species" (1859). Let his non-religious Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (On the Origin of Species) be what it is... A theory, not a proven fact. Many serious scientists, after studying the human DNA, the complex designs of matters, the universe, etc, etc, had been convinced that a Creator does exist. Science is still in its infancy, we know very little about life and the universe. But the more we learn the more we will become assured of the existence of the supernatural or divine Creator God. The Bible was not written to prove the existence of God. The authors of the Bible wrote it with the knowledge that God does exist. The existence of God is to be accepted by faith. But this does not meant that there is no proof of His existence. In addition to the biblical arguments for God's existence, there other arguments. The cosmological argument states that an effect must have a cause. To every effect there is a cause. Nothing simply pop up out of nowhere. So this universe and everything in it is an effect. The teleological argument states that since the universe displays such an amazing design, there must have been a divine Designer. Besides these we know God exist because of the ways He had touched and so miraculously changed our personal lives with His love and grace
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Ok, let us presuppose that evolution is correct. Where did the first primitive life form come from? Did it just create itself? And for what purpose? We still do not understand the first cause of it all except that the Christian Bible gives us an acceptable answer as compared to science saying we do not know, but we hope to find out someday.

I like science but I also appreciate there is a higher entity than myself that was the master engineer of it all. And for me, that is God. 

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It is based on one maniacs mental rantings. He was a drug addict.
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It's based on common sense and observation of the world around us. The basic concept is a combination of random mutation and natural selection of those mutations which improve the survivability of the species.

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