What did Charles darwin believe and prove?


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Mickel Ross , I am travle loving person, on my last visit to Galapagos i visited Charles Darwin research center and get to know so many things about Evolu, answered

Charles Darwin the famous naturalist and the scientist visited Galapagos islands while on his famous voyage in 1831. The main aim was to study the nature of living animals. While his stay at Galapagos he studied the Finches and the Tortoise and he found that as per the habitat of the animals there were differences in them www.slideshare.net/rossmickel/charles-darwin-the-galapagos The Tortoises living in the area with grass( food) at low height has dome shape carapace while those living in the habitat with grass(food) at height has saddle back carapace. Darwin observed same with the Finches has modified them as per their habitat. This study at Galapagos lead him to come up with the most revolutionary theory science has ever seen "Theory of Evolution"

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