How Do You Relate Genetics With Enzymes?


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So far only around 3000, enzymes are known in the human body, but many thousands more which have not yet been discovered are felt to be responsible for keeping us alive. Their importance is enormous. They represent our life energy! What is there origin? How far can we go to trace this enzymatic life force activity for a single person? This book reviews the role of enzymes in the origin of life and their specialization through evolution.

The genes passed parents and present along the chromosomes determine the actual coding. The DNA molecules within the chromosomes constitute the actual memory of the cell. Within a single cell there are roughly 100000 genes, the majority of with code for enzymes. Each gene, whether structural, receptor, etc, is associates with an enzyme action, and is predetermined to perform a specific function.

With the help of enzymes the numerous cells reproduce by division ever second to form new cells with exactly the same genetic composition. These will replace older ones. At the same time, many older cells are dying. All of required labor for the renewal and elimination is performed by the enzymes encoded in those genes. Although the limited number of other cells do not actually divided to forms new once, such as some brains cells and the ova within the ovaries, they are maintained in a state of good health by our enzymes.

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