What Type Of Wood Comes From Rainforests?


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Rainforests form the most complex vegetation on the planet and consequently, the output from the rainforests is also complex and varied. In one single hectare of rainforest (equivalent to 2.47 acres of land) there could be 750 different types of tree found. Trees within the rainforests also produce rubber, fruit, nuts, meat and more recently trees have been used for the production of medicinal herbs, some of which are made into pharmaceutical products.
With regard to wood, there are four main types from the rainforest. These are mahogany, teak, melina and okoume. Mahogony is mainly derived from the South American rainforests. This is a very strong and durable wood which is very easy to work and is used to make furniture and boats.

Teak is produced mainly within India and Asian rainforests. This is known as a medium density wood, which is less durable than mahogany but is useful to make boats, cabinets and flooring as well as less expensive furniture than mahogany. Melina an dOkoume are produced within Indian and Asian rainforests. Melina is used as pulp (for paper), matches and some carpentry. Okoume is used for plywood and the inner joints of furniture.
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Plywood is not a species of tree, it is made from thin sheets of pine or birch and glued together for strength.

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