What Is A Seed?


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If we say in general then seed is the main source of any tree or fruit or any thing. It is small grain type material which is the base for the nourishment of a fruit.
If see more deeply then seed is a underdeveloped plant which is sheltered in the shell of a seed. Seed are the main things via which a plant is made or a fruit came. We put a seed of mango or any other fruit in the soil and after giving the proper, water and care, it becomes a big tree and we get the fruit from that tree. So the seed is the one because of which we get fruit.

The seed is that which is sown in the underground land.
We can also say that any thing which we sown in the ground is the seed, For Example potatoes are also a type of seed, corn is also a type of seed and also the sunflower. The seeds of the sunflower and the corn are covered in a shelled structure underground in the land.
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It is something that is used to grow plants

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