Why Are Some People Smarter Than Others?


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It is not due to the natural gifts, but also due to the environment and influence that the parents had nurtured into the children. It also is the capability of the child to use its brain effectively to its maximum potential.
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Some people learn more,are in different grades,or just study more. It's simple!
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This is a subject of great controversy for educational psychologists and educationalists. Some argue that some people inherit intellectual capabilities. This is the 'nature' argument. Others propose that intelligence is strongly influenced by how a child is nurtured by its parents or guardians. So a child of average intelligence can be encouraged and stimulated to learn and therefore becomes more intelligent. This is the 'nurture' argument.

Some professionals believe that what leads to the creation of a very intelligent human being is a combination of both nature and nurture. This would explain why a child could be born to two very intelligent people, but if it does not have the encouragement to learn at a young age, it may not be conventionally very smart or intelligent. Conversely, this would also account for the way in which some children who do not have very clever parents, can often be very clever and high achievers.

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