What Are The Benefits Of Afforestation?


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There are a number of benefits of afforestation, and it is important to keep in mind that the majority of the type this method of tree planting is used for commercial purposes.

  • Benefits: Answer to deforestation
All over the world forests are replaced by buildings and various different land used for habitats for humans. As the majority of us know trees take in carbon dioxide from the air which prevents humans from breathing too much in which could prove dangerous. In addition, while the trees are not around to absorb the greenhouse gas, it is releasing into the atmosphere which causes global warming. In order to prevent this, afforestation can be used in order to reduce the harmful emissions.

  • Commercial Purposes
The commercial purposes refer to the trees that can provide wood to communities for fuel or timber and so on. The fact that afforestation is an advantage here is that these specifically planted trees can be used for the purposes above. This therefore means that the original forests that may be based on an important ecosystem or a biodiversity hotspot can remain intact. Having trees available through afforestation processes enables them to be cut down and used for various resources as opposed to the delicate trees that would cause more harm to the environment if destroyed.

  • Stabilizing rivers
Another particular benefit of afforestation is the fact that it can be a method undertaken to stabilize various river banks. The point of afforestation in this case is to maintain the flow of rivers as well as encourage wildlife habitats. In addition to this, it helps to improve and keep the drainage basin up to standard. Moreover, the cost of carrying out this particular method of afforestation is quite cheap which is always a benefit.
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Afforestation stops the earth from eroding and helps with water supply. It is a rich source of wildlife. It helps cool the earth and rid the air of carbon dioxide, giving out oxygen which is essential for life.
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All of us here should plant trees, seed and make the whole world green. When the people goes 2 space and look to our earth they should say its green planet not blue!!!

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