What Are The Causes And Effects Of Afforestation?


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Afforestation is converting land into forest. It usually refers to trees being planted in regions that have never had forests. Trees can also be replanted in deforested regions. This is called reafforestation. Afforestation can therefore be for a commercial reason or for replacing lost forest.

· Commercial Afforestation: Trees might be planted specifically for commercial reasons by providing firewood to be used as fuel or providing wood pulp and timber. Afforestation thus prevents any existing forest that harbors organisms and forms a biodiversity hot spot from being wiped out. Delicate and established ecosystems will therefore not be affected.

· Replacing Lost Forests: The loss of forest is a key global issue. Areas of forest that are as big as Panama are lost every year. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide. This is a powerful greenhouse gas that is associated with the Earth's global warming. This counters the emissions of carbon dioxide from global industries. With more forest being lost every year, the levels of carbon dioxide will increase. Afforestation reduces the carbon dioxide impact and also limits loss of natural habitat.

· River Management: Afforestation is also used as a method of river management. Trees can stabilize soils and river banks by being planted on bare lands. These trees also prevent any surface runoff by intercepting the rain water before it gets to the channel of the river. They also provide a new habitation for wildlife. Afforestation is beneficial as a technique for river management as it is comparatively cheap and improves the environmental quality within the drainage basin.

· Afforestation Disadvantages: Afforestation sometimes takes place after ancient forests have been lost. Most of the new plantations are conifers, whereas before the forests had a diverse species of trees. Biodiversity is therefore lost as the newer trees cannot replace the ecologically diverse species of trees that supported more wildlife. Conifers are also more acidic. This can affect plant growth.
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The main cause of the afforestation is cutting trees,cutting forests make that land barren.the term deforestation is used which means cutting the forests
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People and countries planting trees cause afforestation. This is a good thing.

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