Where Do You Find Chromosomes In Anaphase?


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The process of Anaphase is actually a stage in the entire process of Mitosis. The process actually involves the splitting up of chromosomes within a eukaryotic cell. It is close to the microtubule organizing centres that the chromosomes are found at opposite ends of what is known as the mitotic spindle. This area actually lies at the cells opposite poles and it here that each of the chromatid move. The entire process of Anaphase is preceded by a process defined as metaphase and the process of anaphase is further divided into the early and late anaphase stages.

In the early anaphase stage the chromatids separate abruptly and move towards the direction of the spindle poles. When this stage of separation comes to an end the late anaphase stage begins. This latter involves the spindle poles being driven further apart by the elongation of the polar microtubules.

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