Modern Life Will Be Impossible Without Electricity, How To Solve Our Electricity Problems?


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Modern life will surely be impossible without electric energy. We need it almost everywhere in our homes, in the shops, in the factories, on the farms, on the roads and in all public places like hospitals and educational institutions. For some years now, we have been trying to solve our electricity problem faced with an acute shortage of electricity in the 1980s and early 1990s. The long hours of load shedding for industry and agriculture contributed to decline in national production and caused untold hardships to the people at large.

We should increase power production in all possible ways. There is the need to store in our dams the water of our rivers, rainwater and water from melted ice flowing along natural channels as much as possible. There can be more dams for this purpose. Then hydro electricity could be produced perhaps more then we need and could be exported as well. We should set up thermal power stations wherever needed, but on our own and generate electricity at reasonable expense. Moreover, as far as possible, we should produce their machinery inside the country. We should set up nuclear power stations in as great a number as possible. However, this generation of electricity should, by all means, go hand in hand with rapid and continuous industrialization, mechanization of agriculture and general education all over the country.

Already, we use much less electricity then the advanced countries. To come up to their level of development, we should have a regular supply of electricity according to our growing needs, and definitely at low rates comparable to those in the countries developing in the true sense.
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The solution is to take a step forward and invest on the RENEWABLE ENERGIES, like the solar energy for instance.
We need to take full advantage of the sources that won't extinguish :D

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