How Is Electricity Transferred From Power Stations To Our Homes?


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What is Electricity? It could be defined as Current. We daily use many types of equipment, devices running by Electricity like computer, Television, heavy machines. Here a question comes how electricity comes to us so machines could be connected to it? Moreover different type of machinery needs different voltage power, so distribution of voltage according to requirement is even a very technical point.

How electricity comes to us? Voltage of electricity is about 25,000 volts when it is produced by generators at power stations, but at this time it is not strong enough to travel long distance. To distribute it to long distance area first it passes through the transformers at power station, who increase the voltage up to 2, 75,000 to 4, 00,000 volts. Distribution and travelling of electricity to long distance areas would as much better as high is the voltage.

After leaving transformer it goes to the grid – country wide spread network of cables. These wires or cable called the Transmission line and passes the electricity to the town and cities that will use it. These transmission lines carry a very high voltage power and in order to reduce its voltage these lines first goes into substations near business, homes where transformers again reduce the voltage power of electricity to 11,000 volts.
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Electricity is produced by the generator. Power stations burn fossil fuels that produce the enough heat to boil the water of the boiler. Then the steam turns the turbine which turns the generator. the electricity from the generator carried in cables goes for long miles away to reach our homes.
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Electricity reaches homes and industries by Wire.
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It is transferred from power stations to our homes through cables.The cables travel over long distances and for many miles
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Wire used in electricity to send power at home
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