What Is The Contribution Of Ruben Villareal In The Field Of Science?


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Dr. Ruben L. Villareal is an agriculture-based researcher who is best known for his contributions towards the development of farming methods. His studies were primarily focused on the development of crops with better quality and on vegetables and food processing.

Viilareal was also a successful educator and has a number of awards to his name. The scientist is one that is recognized highly within the Philippines and further afield. His contributions to the field of science are acknowledged and have been developed on across the world.

  • Dr. Ruben L Villareal's education
Villareal completed his bachelor degree at the University of Philippines, Los Banos. After successfully graduating, he continued his studies at the same university to Masters level. Not content with just a Masters degree, Villareal then went on to study at Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey.

Here, he obtained a doctoral degree and his Doctor of Science status. Villareal continues to work within the education system and organizes a number of projects with other educators and students. He has authored a number of books and scientific papers that are widely recognized within his field.

  • Dr. Ruben L Villareal's research
The specifics of Villareal's research are his detection of the cytoplasmic inheritance of the southern leaf blight disease. This was found on the crops of corn that finished the incorporation of T cytoplasm in the United States and local inbred lines. His research also considered the heat tolerance for vegetable crops in the tropics and the morphological and physiological bases of heat tolerance.

The Filipino horticulturist and agriculture-based researcher has contributed some significant studies towards the field of science. His research about southern leaf blight disease was pioneering and his developments of farming methods helped discover a number of theories related to heat tolerance.

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