Who Are The Foreign And Local Scientist And Their Contribution In The Field Of Science?


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Some of the foreign and local scientists and their contributions are as follows:

  • Charles Darwin- evolution, the concept of survival of the fittest
  • Marie Curie- Nuclear radiation for medicine
  • Albert Einstein- Theory of relativity
  • Issac Newton- Laws of Motion
  • Maria Orosa- Humanitarian known for her work with foods
  • MA Assunta C Cuyegkeng- Contributed to further education and biopolymer studies

The question did ask for foreign and local scientists. However due to being unable to discern where the writer of the question is from, the answer has names from a few different countries. For example Marie Curie was from Europe, and Darwin was from the UK. Orosa and Cuyegkeng are Filipino scientists.

The list provides a range of different names in the hope that at least some are local to the inquirer's area. Given that we did not list every one of the scientists to ever be born you can also find many more names. The following links are helpful to finding some other scientists and their field of science:

There are over a hundred scientists that have contributed to furthering the world. Most online sites will either list the most famous or by country. The last link provided to you breaks down the scientists by area. You can look up Arab, Austrian, British, American and many other countries to find the famous scientists and not so famous scientists in those countries; along with other countries in the world.

The site will also explain their contributions and field of study to give you a comprehensive look at these scientists and how they have helped.
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Contribution of foreign and local scientist?

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