What Is OSI Reference Model And What Is Its Importance In Data Communication?


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OSI reference model is now considered a primary criterion for calculating the interconnection and inter-. Today, many network communication protocol standard based on the OSI model. In the OSI model of network / data communications are divided into seven levels of definition.

7 layers to further split this task, the entire network data to son, thus completing a cycle of communication between two computers or two network devices. Each level of task allocation and completion of independent tasks. OSI layer will have a clear and independent features and tasks.

7 layer OSI model-

Application layer: Application layer of the OSI model is responsible for providing end-users of services, such as file transfer, electronic information, e-mail, virtual terminal access and network management. This is the layer and user interaction.

presentation layer: Layer in the OSI model that is responsible for defining the syntax of these two networks to communicate host. Encryption and compression should be said that the function of layer.

Session layer: In the session layer of the OSI model is responsible for processing the process of establishing the interconnection between the host communications.

Transport layer: Transport layer of the OSI model is responsible for transmitting information between the network host. Transport layer is responsible for segmentation and reassembly.

Network layer: Network layer of the OSI model is responsible for establishing the data transmission path through the network. Routers in the network layer.

Data link layer: In the data link layer of the OSI model is responsible for communications between adjacent network nodes. Hubs and switches to run in the data link layer.

Physical layer: Physical layer of the OSI model is responsible for bit-level transmission between network nodes. The definition of physical layer, such as: Connector type, cable type, voltage, and pin-out.

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