What Are The Interrelationship In Ecosystem?


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There are around six different types of interrelationship in regards to ecosystems, these are:

  • Predation

A predator requires prey to survive, showing the interrelationship between the two different animal types. Without the prey, the predator wouldn't be able to survive. The animal that fills the role of the prey usually reproduces more often than that of the predator, to ensure that they don't die out.

  • Commensalism

Commensalism relates to the interaction of animals that neither helps nor hinders them, meaning that this stage is relatively unimportant in regards to the other stages in the ecosystem that are to do with interrelationship.

  • Parasitism

Parasitism relates to the way that some parasites feed off the blood of other animals to stay alive. It would die if it didn't actually live on the body of the other animal, as blood is its only food source.

  • Mutualism

Mutualism relates to the process in which some species aid the life of another, with both forms benefiting. Examples of this include most birds and plants, as they pollinate different plants and whatnot, allowing for the plants to grow and spread, giving other animals food to feed from. Some species are completely interdependent with each other because of this, meaning that, in order to survive; both have to fit in with their chosen requirements.

  • Competition

Competition is one of the more straight forward aspects of interrelationship in regards to the ecosystem. It relates to the fact that some species fight for their own habitats and food sources, meaning that the fittest of the two species will prevail and leave the other species slowly becoming extinct.

  • Amensalism

Amensalism relates to how some species can influence the lives of others without actively doing anything, usually just because they exist. This can mean that one plant may influence the life of another as its existence means that more plants have are available for being consumed, meaning that the original plant has more chance of survival.

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