What Are The Human's Activity That Disrupt The Ecosystem?


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Amongst the numerous activities carried out by humans that disrupt the ecosystem, the most notable activity of them all would be the burning of fossil fuels and crude oil.

For many years human kind has learned how to harness fossil fuels and crude oil as a means of transportation. Unfortunately, the burning of fossil fuels and crude oil emits levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The carbon dioxide is amongst other gases are forming a barrier in the atmosphere that lets heat in from the sun, but does not let as much heat out again. As a result, the climate on our planet is getting hotter and causing the polar ice caps to melt. This then leads to an increase in sea levels and therefore flooding as well as more adverse weather conditions. Not only this, but it is threatening the lives of numerous wildlife that inhabits the artic regions of the world.

There have been numerous strategies and actions put into place in an attempt to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, including:
  • The development of renewable and more eco-friendly energy sources like solar energy.
  • Encouraging the use of public transport, bicycles and walking when available.
  • Car manufacturers developing cars that run entirely on electricity instead of petrol.
Although our consumption of fossil fuels has led to an increase in the earth's climate damage, it is widely believed by scientists that if countries act quickly to reduce carbon emissions that the problem can be solved.
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When humans disrupt a food web, we create interruptions in ecosystems. For example, when frog legs became popular in France, the delivered thousands to Canada thinking that we would develop the same craze that was happening in France, When we weren't interested, they just released all the Bull frogs into the wild. These frogs started competing with our native frogs, and our own frogs began to die out due to lack of food. Introduction of a nonnative species is a example of interferences in a ecosystem. Another example is when we start building settlements in space where other ecosystems are thriving. This way, we destroy there habitat and they have no where to go. Building dams, adding fertilizer into water, rabies, man-made erosion, these are all examples of human made interferences.

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