How The Sp2 Hybridization In SO2 Possible?


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1. Total no. Of valence electrons= 6+2*6=18
2. Total no. Of bonds needed= 2
3. No. Of electrons to complete octet= 2*8= 16
4. No. Of lone pair= (18-16)/2=1
5. No. Of orbitals= 2+1=3
since needed no. Of orbitals is 3, there will be SP2 hybridization.
Structure: Triangular
bond angle= 120 degree
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Hybridization is used to describe the shape of different molecules.  Since, SO2 is triangular it can not have a hybridization of sp, rather it should have a hybridization of sp2 which best describes its shape (bond angle = 120 degree).

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