What Are The Disadvantages Of Animal Cloning?


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The success vs. Failure ratio is a large component of the impracticality of attempting to clone animals. The amount of resources that it takes to produce what could be considered a healthy specimen are enormous. Even then, there is no way to predict how a cloned animal will develop, and whether there will be future complications.
Any form of genetic manipulation is an endeavor that is subject to far too many variables, and we still just don't know enough about the blueprints of life to turn it into a productive process.
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Evidence suggest that clones may age prematurely. Also, at this point, cloning is very expensive and not necessarily successful. The failure rate is pretty high, in fact. Also, cloning is often done to preserve some useful trait, and not all such traits are directly genetic. A clone will be (barring damage/mutation) genetically identical to its parent, but may not be somatically/physically identical.

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