Which Factors Affecting The Rate Of Enzyme Action?


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Enzymes are used to act as catalysts. They are proteinic in nature. Enzymes do not take part in chemical and biological activities but they increase and make efficient the rate of reaction. The functional specificity of every enzyme is the consequence of its specific chemistry and configuration. Any factor that can alter the chemistry and shape of an enzyme can affect its rate of catalysis. Some of the factors are more important to affect the rate of reaction.

There are many factors which effects the rate of enzyme reaction:
Concentration of enzyme
Concentration of substrate
Ph of Medium
A very less amount of enzyme can be useful to make a large increase in reaction. Higher the concentration of enzyme will increase the reaction rate but after a certain limit it will not increase the reaction any more.If the enzymes concentration will be constant but constantly increase in substrate amount it will increase the reaction rate.Temperature increase the enzyme reaction but at very high temperature like 70 degree centigrade enzymes activity stops.Every enzyme functions over a very narrow range of ph value.
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Lots of things! The big ones are pH, temperature, and the ratio of enzyme to substrate.
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There are several factors affecting action of enzymes, to cite few of them
1. Temperature:Every enzymes have specific temperature at which it acts
2.pH:- like optimal temperature, every enzymes have optimal pH at which it works
3. Concentration of Substrate:- This also affects action of enzyme higher the concentration of substrate more will be action of enzyme
4. Product concentration:- like substrate concentration product concentration also plays a role in enzyme action.
Besides this there are few more factors affecting enzyme action. However these are main factors!
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Factors that affects the rate of enzyme reaction are the ff:
-right triangle
-dumi ng tao

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