What Is The Meaning Of Controlled Variable?


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In scientific experimentation, a control variable is one that must not be changed throughout an experiment because it affects the dependent variables and thus affects the outcome of the experiment. For example, in the experimental verification of Boyles law, the temperature must be kept constant. Essentially, a controlled variable is what is kept the same throughout the experiment. An example of a controlled variable would be if you have experimented on plants and tested a product on two plants, the soil and the pot would be two controlled variables.

A control variable is any factor that remains unchanged and strongly influences values;also a factor held constant to test the relative impact of an independent variable.
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In an experiment a controlled variable is one that can be changed but is not for the duration of the experiment. For example, temperature in the room during a chemical reaction can be set at a specific limit like 42 degrees. That variable is constant. The temperature change inside the actual reaction vessel cannot be controlled and that would be an uncontrolled variable.

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